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Lyon, France

18th International Congress on Catalysis - ICC 2024

The ICC 2024 scientific programme will be based on the following elementary components:

  • The consolidated roots of our discipline, being fundamental aspects of catalysis in its multidisciplinarity. Developments and practical achievements in the many scientific fields that serve as a basis for Catalysis, will be at the core of this part of the program. These will be found among sub- disciplines of chemistry, biology, physics and digital science, involving experimentation and simulation at several scales.
  • The young roots consisting in innovative concepts and methods, and of new connections between existing methods, that will emerge between 2020 and 2024, as solutions to the deciphering of increasingly complex catalytic systems.
  • The branches holding fruits, composed of mature and emerging (but already well identified today) fields of application, in their diversity. Aspects linked to environmental concerns, sustainability, energy production and storage, chemicals, will be covered.
  • The shoots, consisting in new growth territories made possible by cross-fertilisation of the knowledge obtained on mature and emerging fields, that will appear between 2020 and 2024, and that are expected to contribute to breakthroughs in our societies.
14th - 19th July 2024


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